Dr. Khan established the first and only Deep Brain Stimulation program in San Jose in 2014.

Deep Brain Stimulation (or DBS) sends a small current of electricity to a part of a brain that helps treat many of the symptoms in conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease, Essential Tremor, Dystonia and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Dr. Khan uses the newest techniques for DBS and is the only neurosurgeon in California who performs all of his DBS surgeries asleep and under general anesthesia. He believes that not only are the results as good as performing the surgeries awake, but the technique is safer with fewer complications, faster and also allows for a quicker recovery.

Asleep DBS is faster, with better outcomes and has a higher patient satisfaction rate compared to awake DBS. Most centers still perform DBS with patients awake and responsive. Dr. Khan’s team uses a high resolution preoperative MRI and then fuses a intraoperative CT scan image to create a precise map so the electrodes can be placed correctly on the first attempt more than 95% of the time. In contrast, the awake procedure requires an average of 5 brain penetrations for placement of a single electrode. Each penetration has a theoretical risk of complication so the fewer penetrations the less the risk. 

Dr. Khan works with neurologists from throughout Northern California and also has a close working relationship with Dr. Neng Huang, MD, PhD, who is a renowned Movement Disorder Neurologist. Dr Huang is intimately involved with the DBS program to help select appropriate patients and then also programming their stimulators following surgery. We also work with community neurologists to help provided advanced DBS programming to our patients closer to home. 

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