1. What insurances do you accept?
A. We take most of the major insurance providers in addition to many HMO’s in Santa Clara County. The insurance industry is constantly changing and for updated information please contact our office directly at 408.540.6861.

2. Who do I contact for billing issues?
A. Please contact our office directly for any questions, 408.540.6861. Our goal is to be transparent and individual plans can vary significantly in regards to co-pays and deductibles. We will work to get all your questions answered. 

3. Where will my surgery take place?
A. Dr. Khan operates at Good Samaritan Hospital, El Camino Hospital both Mountain View and Los Gatos campuses, O’Connor Hospital as well as Spine & Sports Surgery Center in Campbell. 

4. Do you accept non-insured patients?
A. We will be happy to see non-insured patients who can pay via cash or credit card. We offer competitive prices on all of our services. Please contact our office at 408.540.6861 for up to date rates. 

5. Do you offer telehealth video or telephone appointments?
A. Our office does offer both video and telephone appointments. Our preference is generally to have patients seen by us in-person for the first appointment so that Dr. Khan can properly examine patients. Please call us if telehealth is your preference. 

6. Do I need surgery if I am referred to a neurosurgeon?
A. Not necessarily. Your referring physician most likely believes that you have a disease or disorder which would benefit from diagnoses, testing and treatment by a neurosurgeon. The decision whether or not to recommend surgery is a complex one, best handled by Dr. Khan and his team.

7. What is the difference between and neurosurgeon and an orthopedic spine surgeon?
A. Each of these surgical specialists has their own areas of expertise however, their skill and expertise overlap in the area of spinal surgery. Both specialties require 5-7 years of residency training, followed in some cases by additional time in fellowship training. Neurosurgeons perform spinal operations dealing with the spinal cord, cervical discs, nerves, and the bony spine, while orthopedic surgeons handle surgeries limited to the discs and the bony spine.

8. What is the difference between and neurosurgeon and a neurologist?
A. A neurosurgeon can offer a surgical solution to neurologic disorders, while the neurologist identifies neurological disorders through diagnostic testing and uses non-surgical treatment options such as medications.

9. Will I have surgery the same day as my appointment?
A. No. Your initial appointment with Dr. Khan is a consultation visit. You will discuss the medical issues and Dr. Khan will review the records and imaging studies and a plan of care will be established. If surgery is necessary, it will be scheduled for a later date. 

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