The Sacroiliac (SJ) Joint lies between the sacrum portion of the spine and the ilium of the pelvis and is supported by an extensive network of ligaments. The joint has a capsule filled with synovial fluid that forms a pressurized space between the sacrum and ilium.

Degeneration or arthritis occurs in the SI Joint when the capsule fails and synovial fluid escapes ​ causing the sacrum and ilium to grind against each other that can lead to inflammation and pain.

​This can commonly occur after a lumbar fusion which leads to hypermobility of the SI Joint. ​

Treatments for SI Joint Pain
The SI Joint can be stabilized with instrumentation via either a lateral or posterior approach. Dr Khan is one of the few surgeons in the San Jose region who offers a minimally invasive posterior approach. This places a wedge directly into the SI Joint using bone and it replicates the natural joint design that existed before degeneration

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